Now that we’ve established just how often you should actually be seeing the dentist, do you know what you should be doing between visits? No doubt, your answer will be something like, “Duh, I should be brushing and flossing…and I’m already going to be doing that.” But is there anything else you can be doing to improve your overall dental health that might not immediately be obvious?

The answer, of course, is yes. There is not a person alive who couldn’t improve their dental habits in some way or another. As your local dentist in Denver, NC, we know that people don’t have a lot of time in their busy days, however. Between waking up early, getting the kids ready, dropping them off at school, working eight hours (or more!) every day, making meals, buying groceries, running errands, and all of the other things that people have to do, it doesn’t leave much time to focus on you. That’s why the little time that’s left over is often spent relaxing with Netflix.

Not to worry though, because the tips we’d like to share in today’s post will take almost no time at all and you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine. Believe it or not, the hardest part about them is probably going to be spending the three weeks that you’ll need to make them into a habit. So what are these things, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

3 Easy Dental Habits to Start Building Now

Drink Lots of Water

In addition to being something that is just downright good for your overall health, drinking a lot of water is also good for your teeth. If you eat sugary snacks throughout the day — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t do that at least some of the time — then drinking water can help to rinse your mouth of the sugar that might otherwise just be sitting there.

As we all know, sugar is the enemy of healthy teeth because it can start to corrode the enamel on your teeth, eventually causing cavities and even potentially requiring root canals. The reality of the matter is that some people are more prone to cavities than others, but the good news is that pretty much everyone out there could benefit from drinking more water than they are currently drinking.

Make it a point to drink water after each time you eat (which is also a good tip to help with digestion, by the way) and you’ll set yourself up for long term success.

Start Snacking

Yes, you read that right. Snacking is another thing that’s good for you in a number of ways. If, of course, you focus on healthy snacking. A bit of a bummer, we know, but hey, a snack is still a snack. Anything to stop your stomach from growling loudly in front of your coworkers!

So what can you snack on? Surprise, surprise. How about fruits and vegetables? Yes, that bag of potato chips sounds like the better option, but getting into the habit of snacking on fruits and veggies will pay off in the long run. Foods like apples, celery, and carrots will help to clean your teeth as you chew (which is a win/win), and others like milk or yogurt will provide you with the calcium and vitamins you need to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Just be sure to drink a glass of water after you’re done snacking!

Start Brushing Your Tongue

You already brush twice a day (or you should be at least), and we’ve gone over brushing techniques plenty in our previous blog posts. Just to quickly recap, however, our advice is to treat each tooth like it’s getting a tiny massage from your toothbrush. Gently massage each tooth and your gums with small circles rather than brushing up and down or left to right.

One other thing you should be doing? Brushing your tongue.

It’s a commonly missed area that is a breeding ground for damaging bacteria, so why not take the opportunity to clear it out while you’re brushing? You may have seen tongue scrapers in the store before, and you might even be using them. If that’s the case, keep it up. If not, your toothbrush will do the trick as well. This can also help if you deal with bad breath, so make sure to spend a bit of time cleaning your tongue while you’re brushing and you’ll be all set.

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