The dentist’s office. Rarely is it someone’s favorite place to find themselves, and for some people, going to the dentist is downright uncomfortable. At Summit Family Dentistry in Denver, NC, we work hard to provide every single patient with a comfortable and exceptional dental care experience, but we understand that some people really just don’t like going to the dentist.


In today’s blog from Summit Family Dentistry, we’ll cover three times when going to the dentist is very important, even if you consider yourself among the “dentist-averse.”

When It’s Time For Your Dental Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings are probably the single most important time for you to schedule a dentist appointment. While most dentists recommend that you schedule a cleaning every six months, it’s imperative to your long-term dental health to schedule a cleaning at least once a year.


For those who discomforted by the dentist, dental cleanings are even more important. Regular cleanings help you prevent serious tooth and gum problems, meaning that when you schedule regular cleanings, you’re a lot less likely to have to deal with major dental work like root canals and crowns.


Prevention is the key to success when it comes to any kind of healthcare — dental care is no exception, so make sure to check and see if you know when your next cleaning is.

How Often Do You Really Need to See the Dentist

When You’re Suffering From Persistent Mouth Pain

Sometimes, you can experience pain in your mouth that shouldn’t alarm you. But any time that you experience acute pain or pain that doesn’t fade or go away relatively quickly, you need to see a dentist without delay.


Mouth pain can be a sign of a loose or damaged tooth, bone deterioration, an infection, or any other number of undesirable and dangerous conditions. Catching a major dental problem that is causing you pain early can not only provide relief, but it can also save you hundreds, or possibly even thousands, of dollars.


If you’re experiencing persistent mouth pain or a new, but acute and severe pain, call Summit Family Dentistry right away.

When You Have Cosmetic Dentistry Needs That Are Affecting Your Life

Even when it’s not a health risk you’re worried about, there can be instances when it’s important to go to the dentist.


One example that comes to mind, and is more common than you might expect, is when people’s social and occupational lives are impacted by their lack of self-confidence because of their smile. Some people even avoid talking with others whenever possible because of how self-conscious they are about their teeth.


If concerns about the color, shape, size, or other appearance of your teeth is holding you back from living your best and fullest life, then it’s time to take the first step toward a solution and schedule an appointment with Summit Family Dentistry. 

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