When it comes to good dental care, there are those of us who work hard to do everything we can right, those of us who give it a decent go, and those who find our dental care habits revolve mostly around convenience. However, no matter what camp you find yourself in, chances are good that there are things that you could still be doing better. 


In today’s blog from the dentists at Summit Family Dentistry in Denver, we will cover five crucial elements of proper dental care. As professional dental care experts, we, of course, recommend that everyone work hard to have as complete and effective as a dental care routine as possible, but we encourage you to look for at least one way in which you can start to make a positive change for the health of your teeth and gums.


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Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily With Fluoride Toothpaste

The cornerstone of good dental care is a strong, daily tooth brushing routine. Brushing at least twice daily, for roughly two-minutes, using small circular motions and a slightly angled brush head can manage most of the heavy lifting in your oral care regimen. Without it, you will find any other tooth care efforts are reduced in their effectiveness.

Floss Daily

In addition to daily brushing, daily flossing helps to maintain clean, healthy teeth and gums by working food out from in between your teeth and gums, reaching places that your toothbrush simply cannot get to.

Reduce Your Soda, Sugar, and Sweets Intake

While good dental care habits are important for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile and keeping healthy teeth deep into your later years, you still have to eat each and every day. Selecting foods that are lower in sugars, or reducing your intake of sugar-rich foods and beverages like soda, cookies, and candy will greatly reduce the wear on your teeth.

Cut Back On Drinking Alcohol And Using Tobacco Products

Aside from sugars, tobacco and alcohol are two of the harshest substances you can bring to bear against the health of your teeth and gums. Alcohol erodes enamel, weakening your teeth’s natural defenses. Tobacco products can actually lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and many other oral health problems. Reducing or eliminating your usage of these substances will go a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy.

Maintain A Regular Dental Cleaning Schedule

Seeing a dentist at least once a year can help to keep your teeth clean by removing tartar build-up, but it can also help keep you apprised of your current oral health status and help you get ahead of developing problems. For anyone with dental health problems, weak teeth, or poor cleaning habits should make sure to see a dentist every six months.


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