Our big day is right around the corner. Can you believe it? As of this moment, we’re accepting new patients, so if you’ve been looking for a new dentist in Denver, we’d love for you to consider Summit Family Dentistry. With our Grand Opening all set for Wednesday, June 14 (one week from today!), we’re gearing up to serve our new patients who need everything from root canal treatment to cosmetic dentistry and family dental care.

Whether you want to swing by for a routine checkup or you’ve been meaning to have something looked at for awhile, we’d love nothing more than to get to know you and show you around our new office. It feels like it’s been a long time coming and we’re thrilled to finally open the doors at Denver, North Carolina’s newest dental clinic.

Searching “Dentist Near Me” On Google? Now You Have One!

If you’ve been looking for a dentist that’s close to you, you’re in luck. As you might be able to imagine, the team at Summit Family Dentistry is pretty eager to prove ourselves to each and every patient that walks through our doors. We’ve been training for this moment for quite some time now and we’re fully committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. We knew that there was no better way to serve our patients than by opening our own dental clinic and we’re overjoyed that the day has finally come to show patients what we’re made of.

By offering our patients a number of different services, we’re able to cover all of our bases. From preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and more, we’re happy to provide our patients with the best, most comprehensive dental care in the business.

A Quick Note About Our Hours

As a new business, we’re running on a pretty lean schedule to start with. We’re open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a lunch break from 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock (you know, because even dentists have to eat!) and we’re also open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. Of course as our business continues to grow we’ll add more days to our schedule in order to accommodate as many people as possible.

Our goal is to provide the best dental work in the area and we want everyone who needs a good dentist to be able to get in to see us, so if you’re usually busy on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, don’t worry because we’ll be working on our schedule before you know it!

Schedule an Appointment Today

When you need a dentist in Denver, look no further than Summit Family Dentistry. We’re eager to open our doors and we’d love nothing more than to be your go-to dentist in the area. We strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and customer service because we know how much your teeth matter to you, so give us a call today to set up an appointment for your family!