If you’re anything like most people, it’s something you’ve probably considered a time or two, but do you really need an electric toothbrush? Your manual one has been serving you just fine for many years. Well, a number of different manual ones, that is. Because you swap them out every three months, right?

Of course the situation varies from person to person, but if you’ve been considering the switch to an electric toothbrush, then today’s blog is for you. Keep reading, because we’ll be covering a few of the benefits of making the switch!

A Few Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

You Often Get a Built In Timer

You know that you’re supposed to brush for a minimum of two minutes, but in the rush to get dressed and get out the door at the beginning of the day, it can be tempting to just breeze through it as quickly as possible. Sure, you could set a timer, but how many people actually do that?

When you make the switch to an electric toothbrush, you usually get a built in timer that alerts you every 30 seconds, allowing you to spend plenty of time in each of the four quadrants of your mouth. It’s much harder to skimp on the time when you have something to remind you and that’s a win for mouths everywhere.

They’re Less Expensive Than They Used To Be

Perhaps the main thing that kept you from grabbing an electric toothbrush in the past has been the price. It can be hard to shell out that much dough for something you’re not sure you’ll even like. The good news is that prices have really come down recently.

The rise in popularity of online shopping also means you can get the best price possible by comparing prices and keeping an eye out for sales. You can also read reviews to see which one would suit you best! Take a look on Amazon and see for yourself just how affordable they have become.

They Just Do A Better Job

Here’s the reality of the matter–electric toothbrushes just do a better job. In many instances, they get what you cannot.

At the end of the day, we believe that it just makes sense for the majority of people to make the switch because the upfront cost can help to negate some costs later on down the line. Our goal is always to prevent needing work done in the future with smart choices in the present.

How Many Dentists Recommend Electric Toothbrushes?

That’s a good question and we’d love to have a statistic like “9 out of 10 dentists recommend making the switch.” The truth is that it’s up to you and your dentist!

At Summit Family Dentistry, we would be glad to provide you with a recommendation based on your unique situation. We strive to be the best dentist in Denver, NC and we’d love nothing more than to help you make the choice that’s right for you. Schedule an appointment today and we would be happy to help you make the best decision!