If you’ve been searching for a dentist in Denver, NC, you’re in luck! At Summit Family Dentistry, we’re here to do it all. From general dentistry and checkups, to root canal therapy, oral surgery and preventative care, we strive to be the best dentist’s office in town.

No matter who you are, or what mouth care needs you have, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve only been to the dentist for your yearly checkup, or you’ve needed extensive work done, we want you to know that our team is dedicated to providing you with a level of care that’s simply unmatched by others in our industry.

You’ve no doubt noticed that we have a new website, so feel free to take a look around and read about the various dental services we offer and then go ahead and give us a call to schedule your checkup today! Or, of course, you can keep reading to see a few of the things that you can expect to find in our upcoming blogs.

What to Expect From Summit Family Dentistry

At Summit Family Dentistry, we strive to be the best dentist in Denver. Our goal is to make sure that each of our patients gets exactly the care that they need. So, what else can you expect from us?

High Quality Care

Whether you’re in for a routine cleaning or you’re seeking an emergency dentist for root canal treatment, you can trust us to provide you with a level of care that’s unmatched in our industry. We’ve made it our mission to provide each and every person who walks through our door with the best level of care to ensure that their teeth and gums are happy and healthy.


By sensitivity, we mean that we understand that a number of people have a fear of visiting the dentist. At Summit Family Dentistry, you can rest assured that we’ll use state of the art technology combined with classic dental knowledge in order to eliminate your cavities and ensure your total dental health using treatments that get the job done well. If you’ve been putting off a trip to the dentist because you’ve had a bad experience in the past, put your trust in us to show you that that’s not how we do things.

A Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on having an incredible staff. Each and every member of our team works hard to provide our patients with the best experience possible. From being greeted with a friendly smile when you walk through the door to listening to your requirements for dental care, every aspect of what we do is defined by our desire to provide our patients with an incredible experience. When you visit the dentist, you should leave with a smile on your face, confident in the fact that your mouth is in good hands.

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At Summit Family Dentistry, we’re happy to provide dental services to everyone in your family. After all, being a family dentist is in our name! By utilizing a knowledge of both preventative dentistry and time tested techniques, we’re able to provide our patients with a level of care that’s simply unmatched by others in our industry.

If you’ve been searching for the best dentist in Denver, NC, your search is over. Schedule a visit with our team today and let us show you that we’re the perfect fit for your entire family. Whatever service you require, we’re happy to provide you with an unmatched level of care. Bring in your whole family. We look forward to seeing you!

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