At Summit Family Dentistry one of our biggest goals is to help each and every one of our patients feel at ease when they walk through our doors. We know just how much anxiety people get over having to take a trip to the dentist, but the good news is that we’ll do our level best to alleviate your fears and help you to feel comfortable. And what’s one of the best ways to ensure that people are comfortable? To answer their questions plainly and making sure that they understand what we’re saying.

That’s why in today’s post we’d like to answer one of the most commonly asked questions that we get here at Summit Family Dentistry. Would we call ourselves a fountain of dental information? Yes, we certainly would. We’re not trying to brag or anything! It’s just that we love what we do and we take great pride in being able to treat patients who have a bit of anxiety when it comes to seeing a family dentist.

Have a question? Look below to see if it’s answered, and if not then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team because we’d be glad to make sure that you get the answers you need!

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One of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tooth Decay?

To put it simply, anything with sugar in it is what bacteria in our mouths use to create a cavity. The bacteria utilizes the sugar that we eat which creates an acidic byproduct that breaks down our teeth. This occurs for different people at different rates. Whereas some people will experience this breakdown quite rapidly, for others it will take years.

Another way of putting it is that some people are going to be more prone to cavities and others might not ever have a cavity in their entire life. Isn’t that wild?

How Do Dentists Deal With Tooth Decay?

What dentists do is remove the decay and then fill it in with a tooth-colored filling material (also known as a filling, if you can believe it). There are times when the decay has gotten bad enough that other measures need to be taken. We evaluate these situations on a case by case basis, but our guarantee to you is that we’ll recommend a treatment that we believe is in your best interest.

Sometimes we need to take x-rays to get a good look at exactly what’s going on in your mouth and other times it’s apparent to the trained eyes of your family dentist.

Once again, you can head over to our Facebook page to take a look at the aforementioned video and it will show you what tooth decay looks like both on an actual tooth and in an x-ray.

Have a Question? We’d Love to Hear From You!

Do you have a topic you’d like to have us cover? Be sure to let us know because we’d absolutely love to share more information on our Facebook page to keep our patients informed. At the end of the day, the goal is to make certain that the people who put their trust in us to take care of them have the information that they need to know they’re making the right decision. It’s as simple as that.

One thing that you hear pretty regularly that is definitely the truth is that if you have a question, someone else probably has the same one. (In other words, the only bad question is the one you don’t ask.) Whether that means suggesting that we answer it in a future video or simply calling our office, we’d really love to hear from you.

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