COIVD-19 Update

Promising a Clean and Safe Enviornment

Yes, We are Open

We are excited to announce that we are now back in our office here at Summit Family Dentistry and seeing our patients for regularly scheduled appointments! This decision was made following the guidelines put in place by the North Carolina State Dental Board. It is exciting and refreshing to be back and we can’t wait to see everyone in the office. For everyone that has missed their appointment during this shutdown, please give us a call. We have temporarily modified our schedule to accommodate those that have missed their appointments and want to get back in! It’s extremely important to continue to practice good oral hygiene, now more than ever!

We are taking our return back to the office very seriously here and SAFETY is our number one priority. We have always practiced universal safety precautions in our office, but have extended our efforts above and beyond the recommendations of the CDC and ADA to keep you safe! You will notice these differences during your future visits.

Some of the changes you will notice are the following:

  • Screening each of our employees daily and taking their temperatures
  • Every patient is screened twice: once when confirming their appointment and once when they arrive at the office.
  • Every patient’s temperature is taken prior to being allowed into the back office.
  • We have re-opened our waiting room to those who are comfortable, if they prefer to wait in their car until their room is ready they must notify the office when checking in
  • You will be asked to wash your hands with hand sanitizer provided when entering the dental office (provided by Summit Family Dentistry)
  • Once back in the operatory, we will ask you to complete a 15-second pre-rinse with a hydrogen-peroxide based mouth rinse to reduce potential viral loads.
  • Masks are required for all vaccinated and non vaccinated patients/staff due to the increasing cases/CDC recommendations for health care providers

We have equipped every dental treatment room with new state-of-the-art air-purifiers (IQAir Health Pro Plus). These are constantly purifying the air you breathe in our dental office through hyper-HEPA filters. Additionally, each staff member is following the personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines set by the CDC and our personal regulations company Total Medical Compliance. Lastly, we continue to follow existing instrument sterilization and all instruments remain packaged until you enter the room.

Upfront, we have air filters and sneeze guards in place, and we have marked proper social distancing locations for patients waiting in line to pay. We offer a touch-free payment policy but we also accept all of our normal forms of payment.

We have created a very safe experience for our patients here and are excited to return to the office so we can continue to serve our community! Please know that we have and will continue to be here for you during these times and beyond. We are all in this together! We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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