When it comes to good dental hygiene and health, it’s easy to think about the ways that your teeth can be taken care of, made to shine, and kept safe, but many people fail to move beyond their teeth and consider their gums. You might have bright white teeth that are the envy of your friends, but still find yourself facing the early effects of gum disease without proper gum care. 


In today’s blog from Summit Family Dentistry, we will provide you with the five tips you need to make sure you are fighting gum disease and doing what you can to take great care of your gums. Read on to learn more, or get in touch with our local family dentistry office to schedule an appointment.

If You’re a Smoker, Stop

When it comes to gum disease, being a smoker is a triple-threat. Smoking is strongly associated with the onset of gum disease, but it also weakens and inhibits your immune system. That means that smoking can lead to gum disease and mitigate your ability to fight gum disease. If that wasn’t bad enough, smoking also slows the ability of your gums to heal.

Floss More Often

Flossing, or using a water pick, allows you to clean your mouth in places and ways that even the most dedicated and diligent tooth-brusher can’t accomplish. Flossing daily allows you to clean food out from between your teeth and gums, helping to keep your gums healthy.

Use a Flouride Toothpaste

We felt like brushing your teeth is a given whenever it comes to discussing food dental care, but considering the best toothpaste for fighting gum disease is another matter. If you are focused on gum care, make sure to choose a toothpaste made with fluoride and endorsed by the American Dental Association.

Use a Therapeutic Mouthwash

Over the counter options for a therapeutic mouthwash are available at any grocery store or drug store and can reduce plaque, gingivitis, and reduce the speed that tartar builds up in your mouth. All of these are important aspects of fighting against the development or worsening of gum disease. While this isn’t in any way an alternative to flossing and brushing regularly, daily mouthwash is an excellent addition to your regular oral health routine.

Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings

Making sure that you are scheduling and showing up for regular dental cleanings is the best way to make sure that you catch any potential problems with your oral health early, so they can be addressed effectively. Your dentist can keep you informed about developing situations as well as provide recommendations and treatment options prior to a situation with your gum health getting out of control and leading to gum recession and bone loss.


Follow these tips to keep your gums in good shape and make sure that you know when your next scheduled dental cleaning is. If you don’t know, give Summit Family Dentistry a call today! We’re always taking new patients and look forward to seeing you smile.