Have you always wanted straighter teeth? Or perhaps you have already had orthodontic treatment (braces) as a child but your teeth have moved a bit as an adult? At Summit Family Dentistry, we would be happy to help with that!

We offer Invisalign treatment to help you obtain the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. But Invisalign treatment is much more than just straight teeth. Oftentimes, misaligned teeth will cause issues with your bite, otherwise known as occlusion. This poor bite, or malocclusion, can be the source of frustration for people. It can reduce the overall function of your teeth, lead to early gum recession, may result in the breakdown of your teeth in certain areas, contribute to parafunctional habits such as bruxism (grinding), and even contribute to joint issues. So yes, you can get straighter teeth but you may be helping yourself more than you know!

Getting started with Invisalign treatment is incredibly easy. First, we perform a diagnostic examination during which we collect information about your teeth and how they fit together. We use this information to develop a plan for effectively moving your teeth to the correct position. Before you commit to treatment, you are shown a computer animation of how your teeth will move during treatment and a representation of how they will look at the end of the cycle.

The Invisalign treatment itself is easy. With Invisalign, treatment involves wearing a sequence of clear trays that you will switch out periodically. You will come into our office for quick check up appointments,  allowing us to monitor your progress and provide you with the next sequence of trays. Once treatment is complete, retainers will be made that you will continue to wear to ensure that your teeth stay looking their best! 

That’s it!

To schedule your appointment or learn more about how Invisalign would work for you, contact us today!