It’s understood that people’s smiles are the first thing (or one of the first things) that people notice about others. Whether you’re meeting someone completely new for the first time or you’re visiting a long-time friend, science suggests that the human eye naturally gravitates toward the mouth area when talking or just looking at someone. 

We don’t have the technical details when it comes to facial analysis and making strong impressions, but there’s no doubt in our minds that your smile is pretty dang important. That’s why the team at Summit Family Dentistry is here to support your best possible smile to help you live your best possible life. 

Our dentists in Denver, NC offer a comprehensive range of dentistry services from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to Invisalign and even pediatric dentistry for the little ones. Regardless of your oral health background, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! 

To help illustrate just how important your smile is and what it can do for you, let’s take a look at some of the things that accompany a great smile. 

What Will A Bright, Confident Smile Mean For You? 

Navigating Social Interactions With Ease

The idea of introducing yourself at an event, meeting someone new, or even going on a blind date set up by a mutual friend may sound daunting. And that’s okay, because social anxiety (to an extent) is perfectly normal! It’s easy to get wrapped up in your head about what could happen, rather than focus on the actual present moment. 

Knowing that your teeth are straight, pearly white, and radiating with beauty will greatly help boost your overall confidence. And with the knowledge that whoever you’re interacting with will likely notice your mouth and smile right off the bat, you’ll be very quick to flash your smile and establish that positive, much-desired impression. 

The Confidence To Flirt With Your Crush

Flirting with “your crush” sounds like something you’d say in middle school or high school, but the truth is that flirting with people that you’re attracted to (as a single person, mind you) is only natural. You’re bound to have multiple relationships and experience attraction to multiple people throughout your life, so you might as well own it and navigate the dating scene with confidence and even a little bit of swagger. 

You can dress fashionably all you want, and you can put all of the time in the world to your cosmetic regimen. But if you’ve been putting off some major dental work, you’re doing your single self a disservice. Our Denver, NC dentists are your wingman because we’re here to help your flash that smile and be friendly! 

Nailing That Job Interview

In a professional sense, nothing is more important than making a positive, lasting impression. It’s one thing to sell yourself through your resume, but when you finally land that sweet, sweet interview, now it’s your chance to prove yourself and see if you’re a viable fit with that company. 

While dressing nicely, doing ample research, and making sure that you’re totally cleaned up and prepared for the interview are essential to landing that job, reaching out your hand with a friendly, bright smile is the best way to get the interview started on the right note. 

Self-Affirmation Every Time You Look In The Mirror

It’s healthy to feel good about yourself. Sure, an overly inflated sense of ego isn’t a good thing, but you should definitely feel confident about your appearance and who you are as a person — think of investing in your smile as investing in self-love, even if that sounds a little superficial. 

You deserve to feel great about yourself, everyday. 

The Desire To Genuinely Care For Your Teeth

With the perfect smile comes the motivation to really take care of it, especially if you’ve had major restorative dental work to get to that point. A well-cared-for smile is the happiest possible smile! 

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