When it comes to taking care of your teeth, who better to make recommendations than Summit Family Dentistry? There are a lot of myths floating around about foods that can benefit your teeth in a real, practical way. Luckily for you, we’re here to set the record straight.

If you’ve been looking for a dentist in Denver, NC, you’re in luck. At Summit Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide each of our patients with the best oral care possible. Whether you visit us for a routine cleaning or because you’re in need of root canal treatment, you can put your trust in our staff to make sure that you’re well taken care of.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the foods that have shown to be mouth friendly!

Dentist-Approved Foods that Promote Oral Health

Coconut Oil

You may have heard of oil pulling. There’s some debate about what its exact benefits are, but if you’re curious about it, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. Start by taking a tablespoon of coconut oil and then simply treat it like mouthwash. Focus on pushing the oil between your teeth. What this does is remove some of the debris that’s built up inside of your mouth. Just be sure to brush when you’re done and you should be a-okay.


Good news, breakfast lovers! Yogurt is the perfect way to start your day. Because it’s full of protein and calcium (which both encourage strong, healthy teeth) as well as probiotics, you can ensure that your gums get the attention they need to be healthy. Just make sure that you choose a yogurt that doesn’t have extra sugar or flavoring.


Of course, apples are the food that everyone knows keeps the doctor away, but did you know that they can also help to clean your teeth and stimulate your gums? Apples are a great way to enjoy a tasty snack and also promote oral health. They make for the perfect dessert to pack for your lunch because it’s something a little sweet that also allows you to keep your teeth clean when you can’t brush.

Looking for a Dentist Near You?

Here at Summit Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive oral care. Whether you have a question about brushing, flossing, foods, or anything else, we want you to know that you can use us as a resource to ensure that your teeth and gums are as happy and healthy as possible.

As an added benefit, you can take advantage of the fact that we provide our patients with complimentary water and coffee. We’re also proud to offer memory foam patient chairs, cozy blankets, iPad for the kids, and Netflix. We know that a trip to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people, so we want to go above and beyond to provide our patients with the things that make them comfortable.

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